Action! It starts with poetry slam

The Panos Institute West Africa (PIWA) launched on Wednesday, June 25 the project "Cultural and media actors in Africa: Action!"

The PIWA has gone out of her usual habits and classic clothes to embrace a thriving world i.e. the world of artists, who by their talents and art communicate, inform and educate.

Talking about human rights through the media is a classic exercise that must certainly not be abandoned. But by associating the "entitled beneficiary" to this process and by involving them as awareness raising stakeholders, we innovate.

Following the steering committee, which brought together partners from several countries including Tunisia, Mali, Niger and Senegal, an artistic colored launching ceremony was held at the Leopold Sedar Senghor complex of Pikine.

The Slammers have set the tone

During the ceremony attended by the representative of the European Union which is funding the project, Babacar Niang also known as Matador, a rapper and the president of African urban culture, and a representative of the Minister of Culture and Heritage of Senegal; the artists on stage have given performance of excerpts from their slam repertoire. Young girls and young men reiterated through their texts, their commitment to greater democracy and respect for Human Rights. On stage, collaboration had already begun. For "Cultural and media actors in Africa: Action!" is also "a project of cooperation and exchanges among citizens."

This is the reason why the project will bring together cultural and media actors in the four countries for three years. Encourage in the North and South of the Sahara the cultural expressions in the media which defend human rights, diversity, and consolidation of democracy is an ambition that PIWA is sharing through this project with actors who now become a must in the popular expression space. 

Background of the project

The project grew out of discussions with key partners who are all eager to fight against extremism and to participate in a trans-Saharan cooperation that strengthen current resistance and radio pluralism, especially in Tunisia. Partners are all experienced organizations that will be able each, to support the implementation of the project in their countries. The leader, PIWA, responsible for the overall coordination, has a long experience (over ten years) in the production of radio drama for Peace in Nigeria (in cooperation with the African Radio Drama Association), in Sierra Leone (with Search for Common Ground), in Ghana (with Ghana Community Radio Network) and in Niger. The PIWA was able to assess and ascertain the effectiveness of such a format for awareness campaigns.

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