The PIWA holds its Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was held in Dakar on 17 July 2014, followed by a meeting of the Board of Directors on 18 July 2014.

The Annual General Meeting placed particular emphasis on several of the major strategic directions for the PIWA identified for 2014 … and subsequent years.

In geographical terms, the AGM wished to see greater priority given to the Sahel, as this space is simultaneously a locus of concentration and precipitation for all regional challenges while at the same time being an area experiencing growing tension and conflict.

In thematic terms, as part of the promotion of governance, the AGM recommended that the PIWA should focus more on attempts at constitutional revision, as this today constitutes in West Africa a much greater risk to democracy than the manipulation of elections

The AGM also recommended that the issue of Transitional Justice – and its national and international mechanisms – should be more to the fore on the agenda of the PIWA.

In terms of actors: the promotion of women’s rights, and in terms of media, the appropriation of new media and social networks, remains central to the PIWA’s strategy, as well as… cross-cutting to all its projects.

Finally, at the institutional level, the AGM recommended the continuation of the process of decentralisation initiated by the PIWA, through the transfer of increased responsibilities to local partners, and through the consolidation of country offices (currently in Mali and Niger).

Concluding its activities, the AGM elected new members to the Board of Directors, which will comprise 9 members in 2014-2015: Samba Kone (Ivory Coast); Sidiki N’Fa Konate (Mali); Cyraque Pare (Burkina Faso); Abdourahamane Ousmane (Niger), join Audrey Gadzekpo (Ghana), President of the PIWA; Bernadette Cole (Sierra Leone); Mamadou Diouf (Senegal); Pierre Dandjinou (Benin); while Gaston Zongo (Burkina Faso), remains the honorary president of the PIWA.