Violence and Gender in West Africa: Activists share their experiences

The Panos Institute is organising a workshop in Dakar on 5-6 August as part of its project “Breaking the silence, lifting taboos, raising awareness about gender-based violence in West Africa”. One of the specific aims of this project is to build the capacities and methods of communications of defenders of gender-based violence.

The workshop aimed at the sharing of experience will focus primarily on the impact of communication in combating discrimination and the evaluation of the needs of partner organisations partners in terms of communication strategies and technique. The workshop has three primary objectives: enabling participants to better understand the role and impact of communication in the fight against discrimination; enabling better evaluation of the communication needs of different partner organisations;  and finally encouraging the sharing of experiences around the theme “communication and the fight against discrimination”. Three sessions will be devoted to these sub themes. 

The expected results of this experience sharing meeting will be a better understanding of the nature and content of obstacles encountered by human rights activists as they work to combat the discrimination affecting their target groups.

Around 40 civil society and gender-based violence activists organisations from 3 countries (Cameroon, Mali, and Mauritania) as well as Senegal are expected to attend the meeting in the Senegalese capital.