Women's conquering of the media for increased visibility and communication about their actions

Training workshop for women’s CSOs in Mali in media strategies

10 to 12 September 2014

The media landscape in Mali is highly masculinised, in terms of both management and media content. According to a study carried out by the PIWA between 15 May and 15 June 2011, women are highly underrepresented in the Malian media. Over the period covered, the press outlets selected (ten newspapers) published a total of 4605 articles. Only 733 articles (15.92%) dealt with subjects related to women or discussed women. The editorial space devoted to men was 84.08%. In the various articles published, women were much more part of the “decor” of the event. This state of affairs stifles the voices and actions of women in Mali.

In addition to this deficiency in editorial policy within the traditional media, one of the explanations for the invisibility of women in the media is that the latter have not sufficiently mastered methods of communication.  Women are more likely to be ill informed about its modes of operation, editorial rationales and the technical and financial constraints facing the media. Women therefore have difficulty in exercising influence over these spaces of expression, and also find it difficult to find information relevant to their needs, that does justice to their economic and social roles.

It is therefore crucial to build the capacities of Malian women’s CSOs to interact with the media through a media training strategy.

This training will be followed by media internships which will facilitate better understanding of the way in which the media works, but will also offer opportunities for networking with journalists to offer female sources for news stories.

This training session will take place in two steps: one training in communication techniques over 3 days that will be completed by internships undertaken by participants in broadcasting in order to understand how the media functions.

10 female representatives of women’s organisations active in defending their rights and in issues of communication will be trained during the course of this workshop.

Following the training, each participant will work with the trained to develop a communication plan, which she will then implement within her organisation.

This project is financed by Oxfam Novib and also aims to train journalists in oral testimony and radio debates, as well as training civil society organisations in social media. A multi-actor forum will bring together the different parties to discuss a charter on the image and role of women in the media.

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