Better information on parliamentary action and the inclusion of women's concerns

Training of 10 journalists to better parliamentary information in Benin

Cotonou: June 11, 2014

Since Wednesday morning, training in parliamentary journalism in Benin is organized within the framework of the project "Women and media partners for better governance in West Africa", funded by the European Union.

The partner of the Panos Institute West Africa in Benin as part of this project has succeeded in organizing the second workshop that brings together since June 11, 2014 the beninese journalists who were selected for their interest into parliamentary questions. Better still, the mobilization of the honourable member of the parliament VLAVONOU Louis, known for his commitment to women issues, was an added value for the session which was hosted by Mr François AWOUDO, senior journalist and trainer.

Wildaf Benin, Women in Law and Development in Africa / Women in Law and Development in Africa-Benin (WiLDAF / FeDDAF-Benin) is a network of NGOs and individuals established in Benin the 18 June, 1999 and which works to promote rights of women using a variety of tools, including law, sustainable development and social peace. Its Coordinator Ms Nadjo BOKO has expressed her satisfaction for the participation of journalists and expressed her hope that the three days of work will contribute to improving the Parliamentary Information and consideration of gender issues in the productions of journalists.

The feedback on the expectations of the journalists, have raised many concerns such as:

- A better understanding of the functioning of the parliamentary institution

- A better understanding of the legislative process

- A better understanding of the different forms of law

- The under-representation of women at the Parliament in Benin

- The role and contribution of the parliamentary journalist to improve the representation of women in parliament.

- Difficulties to pass laws taking into account the genre (the parity law)

- Easy access to sources of parliamentary information

- Innovative journalistic genres to cover parliamentary activities

- The provisions for the mainstreaming of gender in the parliamentary processes.

The training participants were: Franck Agbégninou from Radio Tokpa, Tobi Ahlonsou from La Presse du Jour, Nagnonhou Thibaut from La Nation, Houeto Yves dfrom La Matinée, Omer d’Almeida from Le Progrès, Médar Sessinou from Radio Gerdes FM, Carmen Toudonou from ORTB, Ibrahim Odou Nam from Radio Golfe FM, Fortuné Assogba from L’Autre Quotidien, Gbemenou from the Radio Wèkè.

The "Women and media, partners for better governance in West Africa" ??project is a regional project of the Panos Institute West Africa which is being implemented in Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Benin.