The PIWA introduces Malian CSOs to social media

Twenty-two Malian civil society organisations undertook a training on social media in Bamako, 18 - 21 August. This training was an initiative of the PIWA as part of its broader capacity building activities for CSOs. The aim of the training was to introduce CSOs to the production, presentation and dissemination of multimedia content online.

In recent years, the PIWA has intensified its training program for CSOs and citizens in the use of social media, and continues to develop its training programme to enable CSOs to become more autonomous from the point of view of communication and the dissemination of information.

Despite connectivity problems, more and more Internet users in Mali are using social media to express themselves and share information. The estimated rate of Internet access in Mali, with the highest rate being in Bamako (with an estimated 400,000 users in 2011). Indeed, some activists, and engaged citizens, or civil society organisations already find the Internet an important way of spreading information and generating debate on different issues such as governance.

Recent issues of significance in this regard was the purchase of a presidential jet in Mali, as well as the events of 21 May 2014 in northern Mali which raised real debate on social media. Limited in their access to the media, these citizens rarely have the opportunity to adequately express their opinions and expectations. This training in social media offers an alternative and will enable the communication of the views and expectations of CSOs as well as helping them to transmit information to the public in their area of expertise.

Organisations thus trained are henceforth capable of creating a blog, developing it, and sharing its content online.  The Malian Bloggers Association was involved in this activity in order to offer technical support to CSOs in this lengthy process.

 Contact person: Fidele Guindou