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Contributing to peace-making and intercommunity dialogue in Mali through bridging a content divide between the North and South, and by building capacity of journalists in conflict sensitive journalism & ethical content production and –sharing

Citizen media for participatory environmental governance in Senegal

Poor governance is endemic in Senegal, with a culture of corruption at all levels of government. Meanwhile, the effects of climate change (floods, rising sea levels, landslides and drought) worsen socioeconomic fragility.  Together these have a negative impact on the environment.

Forest resources are a major source of income, bringing in three billion 3 billion what ? a year, but the granting of forest exploitation licences is not transparent, nor is the division of resources among the state, collectives, communities and private entrepreneurs.

Voices and means to fight homophobia in Senegal, Ivory Coast and Cameroon

Homosexuality is still taboo in several West African countries, notably Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Senegal, and its very existence may be denied. Public opinion considers homosexuality to be a voluntary choice reflecting sexual perversion motivated by economic calculations. Homophobia is increasing and widely shared, causing many instances of violence against LGBTI people – such as arbitrary arrest, exclusion from education, denial of health care, expulsion from homes and unfair dismissal.